Stakeholders of higher education are increasingly becoming sensitive to quality education. This state of affairs has commanded higher learning institutions to put in place effective and efficient systems for assuring and enhancing quality in order to facilitate the attainment of their missions and visions. Quality assurance is one of the key strategic thrusts of SUA in order to ensure that it claims her position in the global, regional and national higher learning institutions.

The University Management through relevant decision-making organs has launched a number of initiatives to implement this commitment, among which is the establishment of the Quality Assurance Bureau whose whose main objective is to facilitate SUA implement its mission by guaranteeing that quality is assured at all levels of service provision consistent with the mandate of the University. The development and endorsement of the “Quality Assurance Good Practices Handbook” is another initiative by SUA that is geared towards ensuring that the services offered by the University are at par with international best practices. However, assuring and enhancing quality in higher education settings is a complex issue in that there are numerous interrelated predictors of quality. Consequently, every one of us has a role to play to assure and ensure quality. As we implement the Quality Assurance Policy (QAP), let us continue our cooperation for the betterment of our University and the nation at large.

Prof. Gration M Rwegasira
Coordinator, Quality Assurance Bureau
Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro.